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CRE8 Week Four: Outdoor and Adventure for Scouts and Explorers

Welcome to week four! Massive thanks to all of you for taking part in the CRE8 Challenge, we hope that you have been enjoying it so far. This week we are focusing on Outdoor and Adventure and we know that this is restrictive as we are continuing with Scouting at Home, but here are some great challenges: 

Main Challenge

In your own home or garden, try to attempt as many of these adventurous activities as you can:

  • Caving system out of house-hold items and furniture
  • Dragon boat out of recycled materials
  • Home-made hovercraft 
  • Orienteering course around your house – what could you search for on a map?
  • Create your own shelter to spend the night in
  • Create a comic strip about your favourite Scouting activity, then take a picture of it and send it in

Be as cre8-ive as possible (for some activities you’ll really need to ‘think outside the box’).

Remember to think about safety when you’re doing your activities and get your parents/carers to support you.  Lots of useful safety information can be found on the Scout Association website or at

Take pictures and videos of what you do and share them on Merseyside Scouts social media #cre8Adventure.

We’ll pick the most cre8ive ones and you might even win a Tawd Vale badge as a reward!


Camp cooking.

After all those activities it must be time for some good old outdoor (or indoor) cooking.  Here are a few of our favourite recipes you could try.  Show us your skills and tell us your favourites.  Don’t forget to share recipes with us…we may even turn it into a cookbook.

Camp Donuts

Make a chocolate spread or jam sandwich but leave out the butter.  Cut the sandwich into square quarters.  Make pancake batter (2oz flour, 1 egg, ¼ pint of milk beaten together).  Dip the sandwiches into the batter until covered all over then fry in a little oil in a frying pan.  When cooked sprinkle with sugar and eat.


Toast marshmallows over a fire (or a tealight) using a skewer (not metal).  When toasted place marshmallow between two chocolate digestives (chocolate side inside) and eat.

Chocolate Oranges

Slice the top off an orange.  Scoop out all the orange (eat this anytime).  Make up some chocolate brownie mix or chocolate cake mix.  Fill the orange skin with the chocolate mix.  Place the lid back on the orange and double wrap in tin foil.  Place the wrapped orange in the fire or place in an oven and leave to cook (around 20 mins).  Open the foil carefully (steam will escape) and test the content with a skewer (if it comes out clean it's cooked).  Leave to cool a little then eat.

Chocolate Bananas

Slice through the skin and into the banana down its length.  Place large chocolate buttons into the slit.  When the length is complete with chocolate buttons double wrap the banana with tin foil.  Place in the fire (embers are best) or the oven.  Check after a few minutes to see if the chocolate has melted. When it has melted it’s ready to eat. 

Thanks to the team at Tawd Vale for putting together these sets of activities.