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CRE8 Week Seven: Global activities for Scouts and Explorers

We have reached week seven!! This week we are focusing on Global. 

The Scouts are proud to support the Global Goals that children, adults, and governments all over the world are aiming to achieve. Together, we can make the world a better place, and it all starts with you.

This week's main activity is the Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch the video:

  • Draw a single comic frame image showing themselves using their superpower. Add into a speech bubble ideas on how you can help achieve the Global Goals.

  • Draw a happy face and then write down or draw anything you think will make the world a better place for people to live in.

  • Pick a goal that is most important to you and design your own logo or poster promoting the goal.

  • Pick a goal and research what it means for people in your family. Try to think of 5 steps they can take to work towards this goal.

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Identify where your clothing or other belongings have been made.

With family, talk about why companies might choose to have the items made in other countries. What are the advantages and disadvantages of overseas production?

Investigate a recent natural disaster by looking at photos, news articles, or videos online.

Decide what five things were needed to help people after the disaster. Decide as a Troop/family how best you can help when a natural disaster happens. Shelterbox 

Find out about an international sporting event and discuss with your Family/Troop how sporting events can contribute to international peace and understanding.

Learn about an international health issue and use a creative way to share what you have learned with your Troop.

Issues could include Malaria, Ebola, HIV and Aids, Covid-19

Think about the rights that we have in the UK (like the right to vote, the right to go to school, and equal gender rights).

Compare these with the rights a Scout in another country might have.

Explore various media sources to find information about migration and immigration. Review what you find and discuss your thoughts and feelings about the information and how this issue is perceived at a local and global level with your Unit or write a newspaper article that could be shared.

Individually compare youth issues in the UK with the same issues in another country, such as voting age, access to education, or youth services. Discuss with your Unit if possible or produce an illustration to show the differences.

Activities devised bt Alistair Cubbin