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CRE8 Week Six: Fitness activities for Beavers and Cubs

It’s time for an active week with the #Cre8Fitness Challenge!

Keeping our bodies and brains active is so important and I’m sure so many of you have been busy playing in your outdoor spaces and going on local walks or bike rides. This week is all about finding new and exciting ways of keeping active and work towards some badges too!

Remember to share your pictures and videos by using the hashtag #Cre8Fitness or tagging us using @MerseysideScout on twitter!

Active challenges

  1. Make an obstacle course for a member of your family to complete- maybe you could time each other… who will come out on top?!
  2. Chalk challenge! Can you create your very own chalk challenge? See the link to find out how you can join in! 
  3. Running challenge! Can you run 5k in a small space? How many laps of your garden, yard or bedroom did it take to run 5k?

Sports enthusiast challenge

If you love sports, either watching or playing this one is for you!

Draw yourself as an Olympian! What sport would you compete in? Would you win the gold? Do you have any team-mates that would be part of your winning team?

Healthy eating challenges

Eating healthy is a huge part of our fitness. Here are some ideas of how you can get involved with healthy eating this week:

  1. Help to prepare and make a healthy snack or meal.
  2. Create a poster all about healthy foods.
  3. Can you create a ‘Rainbow of Foods?’, drawing as many different foods of as many different colours as you can think of.


Here are some badges you can begin to work towards linking to our #Cre8Fitness Challenge. Remember to send your evidence to your leader so you can earn your badge!

*A note to parents: It is essential for us to closely follow government guidance on social distancing. Some badge requirements may not be possible to achieve due to the current restrictions, but we ask parents or carers to support us in helping our young people enjoy working towards our health/ fitness/sporting badges and adjusting where necessary. An example may be, for the Scouts Athletics badge, that the Young Person could measure how many laps of the garden would be 100m and run this distance.

Where the guidance suggests demonstrating skills to your leaders or peers, consider filming the young person taking part in their chosen activity to share with your leaders and with us using the hashtag #Cre8Fitness or tagging us @MerseysideScout on twitter.

Beavers cyclist badge

With the wind in your hair and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Helmets at the ready!

More information

Beavers health and fitness badge

Eating healthily and staying active, helps Scouts be at their very best.

Cubs athletics badge

Run! Jump! Throw! Whichever sport you decide to have a go at, this badge is about trying your best and improving as you practice.

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Cubs cyclist badge

With the wind in your hair and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Helmets at the ready!

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Cubs sports enthusiast

If you love sport but would prefer to follow it rather than playing it, now’s your chance to develop some expert knowledge.

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Activities devised and selected by Alex Clark