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A Great year of Challenges, Awards, and Adventure

It’s coming up to nearly 3 years of being the Assistant County Commissioner for Scouts. What an amazing and memorable time it has been. I have travelled around the county and met so many dedicated and remarkable volunteers. Who put in so much of their own time to give our young people amazing opportunities, experiences and skills.

I have given out awards to several members both young and old for going above and beyond and showing remarkable acts of bravery and courage. The reasons that they have been able to go above and beyond is because of skills they have learned whilst being a part of the scouting movement.  It has been a great honour to be able to recognise these incredible acts and hand out awards. 

I have attended a number of group and district events and the support and organisation shown for these events is amazing. The number of participants attending just shows how valuable these events are. The skills that our young people learn are skills they will carry on into adulthood. The list of skills are endless but to name a few team work, patience, communication, friendships and problem-solving.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the time and effort that you put into scouting in Merseyside. I hope you have had a great Christmas and New years and are well rested and ready to start scouting in 2019.