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Thank You; to our amazing team of volunteers. For making 2018 a year full of skills for life.

During 2018; a team of over 2,500 adult volunteers delivered skills for life to 8,000 young people across 146 communities of Merseyside - every week of the year. Now that's inspiring.

Structured youth provision, such as The Scouts, deliver transformation programmes of adventure to the young people of Merseyside that are much needed by our communities, have a real impact and that the public purse simply could not afford to fund - incredible volunteers make it happen.

Our team of volunteers in The Scouts across Merseyside give generously of their time - they change lives and they change communities.

Our young people are:

  • More active
  • More employable
  • More curious
  • More emotionally intelligent
  • More likely to succeed in teams
  • More likely to be resilient
  • More likely to solve problems
  • More likely to recognise diversity
  • More likely to have belonging
  • More likely to be an active citizen

We want to thank each and every member of #TeamMerseyside who have helped to achieve this impact during 2018.

You are truly inspirational, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2019.