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Beavan Challenge celebrates 40th anniversary. It was a weekend, filled with adventure.

The Beavan Challenge, open to members across Merseyside Scouts, took place this weekend. It is a highlight of the year for many and celebrated their 40th anniversary.

It consists of a group of popular challenges to test the skills of each individual in teams of four, to win one of the trophies available to Junior, Senior and Explorer teams.

The challenges range from Archery and Shooting, to Hiking, First Aid and Canoeing, to Muddy Funster and Camp Project.

Camp Project is a challenge which changes each year and is testing the spontaneous ideas and quick thinking of Guides/Scouts/Explorers to overcome the challenge set and complete in the quickest time possible. Being the most mysterious challenge on camp, the young people are always edging to find out what they will be tasked to complete.

Muddy Funster is a recently new addition to The Beavan Challenge and improves each year through suggestions from the competitors themselves to ensure the challenge is as fun, wet and muddy as possible whilst testing the skills and abilities of the young people. A range of artificial and natural challenges requires groups to promote teamwork and leadership during the run.

The Beavan Challenge team strive to improve the camp each year through suggestions from the groups competing and this can be seen throughout the years.
Open to all Guides, Scouts and Explorer groups, the skill diversity continues to impress and we encourage any group interested in competing to connect with us on social media @BeavanChallenge and through our website