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Beavers helping make the world more sustainable

Non-recyclable packaging and waste is a huge world issue. Since David Attenborough highlighted the devastation that plastic waste is having on our planet we have been jump-started into a global awareness. All ages have begun a new journey of discovery regarding the amount of plastic we regularly use and attempt to recycle. 

In recent months the Ecobrick movement has hit the UK. Plastic bottles are filled with non-recyclable packaging and used to make furniture, walls, fencing, huts, pathways, benches, boats, sculptures and more.  Social media has meant that the idea has spread across the UK in just two months, with organisations, cafes, businesses, schools and families being challenged to consider the way they recycle every day.

Working together is a keen Scouting trait. In the Liverpool South District, the Beaver Scouts are planning lots of badge work and plastics awareness around the Ecobrick idea. This reusable building block enables them to take personal responsibility for their plastic. It is hoped that the project encourages long-term life-changing practices. Bottles can take weeks to fill, with a high density of clean, dry plastic required. Good quality ecobricks can be logged and then either dropped off at collection points or used for local community creative projects.