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Because of everything our volunteers do to make Scouting possible, our young people are thriving.

To all our amazing volunteers: we want you to know that because of you and all you do to make Scouting possible, our young people are thriving. The results of the 2018 Scout Experience Survey are in and they are a testament to the benefits of Scouting.

The survey results show that compared to young people not in Scouting, Scouts truly are learning more skills, volunteering more often, and contributing to a kinder, more cohesive society.

They prove that thanks to the time, effort and enthusiasm our volunteers put in to delivering programmes of activities that are filled with skills for life, Scouts are becoming better prepared to lead happier, healthier lives, ultimately contributing to a happier, healthier world.

Comparing Scouts with non-Scouts; here are just some of the ways our volunteers are changing young people’s lives. Our young people are:

  • Problem solvers - they score 7.6% higher

  • Team players - they score 6% higher

  • Developing leadership skills - they score 12.7% higher

  • Developing greater independence - they score 15.6% higher

  • Better communicators - they score 9.3% higher

  • Happier - they score 5.8% higher

  • Developing higher perseverance and grit - they score 4.8% higher

  • More likely to try new things - they score 8.6% higher

  • More likely to have the courage to take risks and tackle challenging activities - they score 16% higher

And in a world where we increasingly need to disconnect, in order to truly connect; our young people are more connected:

These results tell us to keep doing what we’re doing.

Download the full report here.