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Celebrating Youth Shaped Scouting across Merseyside

What a year 2018 has been! Since taking on the role as County Youth Commissioner in January, I’ve seen so many wonderful examples of YouthShaped happening within Team Merseyside. From the number of events such as Wingdings and MerseyMoot taking place to the forums that happen on weekly meeting nights, it is amazing to see so many of our members really bringing the YouthShaped message to our young people.

Going forward into 2019, I am delighted that we have introduced two Deputy County Youth Commissioners onto the team. Kieran and Alex are going to be supporting YouthShaped aspects of Scouting through 2019 and beyond! I can’t wait to see what they bring to the team.

Having had a discussion with them in December, the forecast is going to be sunny for all things YouthShaped here in Team Merseyside. We hope to make this year’s YouthShaped month our best and most exciting yet with something new launching as well as some fun ideas that leaders can bring to their meeting nights. We hope to engage our members in something amazing in February so that YouthShaped can then continue to be celebrated all year round.

Thank you for everything you have done in 2018. We have given so many young people fantastic SkillsForLife through Scouting ever since 1907, and this is something we are clearly continuing to develop every single year. As a team, we would love to engage with our members EVEN more and truly find out what it is that makes your section/group/district YouthShaped! Let’s begin 2019 with a spring in our step, a smile on our face and a great feeling about what the next year will bring!