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First Aid and the Covid-19 pandemic

You should remember from your training that the priority in any first aid situation is to protect yourself and the casualty, or casualties, from danger and further injury.

At a time when in our everyday lives we are all bound by new rules and guidance to protect each other from the Covid virus, this has never been more important when applied to first aid.

All the first aid aims, principles and treatments remain the same but with some added measures to further reduce the risk of cross infection.   

The Merseyside Scout Emergency Team (MET) has compiled guidance on this, in summary;

  • If practical, get the casualty to their treat minor injuries themselves, under your guidance, from a distance of 2m+.
  • If it’s necessary for you to treat a person by direct contact with them, you should wear the following personal protective equipment (PPE):
  • A fluid repellent surgical mask
  • Disposable gloves (2 pairs if possible)
  • Eye protection
  • A disposable apron
  • If possible, a disposable face covering should also be worn by the injured person.
  • If CPR is needed, it’s advised to place a covering across the person’s nose and mouth and undertake chest compression only CPR - not do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Obtain and use a defibrillator if needed and summon professional medical assistance as usual.
  • After properly disposing of the PPE, the First Aider should wash their hands thoroughly using soap and hot water. If this cannot be done, then an alcohol-based hand sanitiser can be used in the short term until the hands can be washed properly.

The full guidance ‘Rendering First Aid during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic’ is available to download here.
The MET is a County Active Support Unit (SASU) whose primary function is to provide first aid cover at Scouting events. You may have seen us at events in our green shirts or had a need to be treated by us in the past.

If you have any questions regarding the guidance, are 18 or over, have an interest in first aid and would consider joining the Team, or would like us to provide first aid support for an event you may be planning (when guidance allows), don’t hesitate to contact me.
Les Shaw