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Five ways to boost your mental wellbeing.

Connect with people around you.

Other people matter when it comes to our mental well being, as forming good relationships gives us a sense of purpose and security. By spending time developing our relationships, we are able to share our feelings and know that we are understood, which in turn gives us a sense of belonging and increases our feeling of self worth. Sharing positive experiences allow us to not only gain emotional support but also provide support to others. Positive mental well being can be passed on through relationships, as spending time with others who have a strong sense of mental well being can improve our own. So take some time each day to be with family, arrange to go out with friends or even bite the bullet and speak to someone new.

Be Active.

There is a definite proven positive link between our body and our mind, as physical activity causes chemical changes that increase our mood through the release of endorphins. Being active doesn't have to mean going to the gym, you could simply go for a walk or cycle. It's all about finding an activity that you enjoy and incorporating it in to your daily routine, in order to increase your feelings of self-esteem, your self control and also your ability to rise to a challenge.

Keep Learning.

Learning doesn't have to stop at school, there are plenty of things you can still learn in order to get the most from life and it could even mean taking up a new hobby. Learning something new gives you the opportunity to interact with others whilst gaining a sense of achievement through success, along with increasing your ability to cope with stress. Why not learn to cook a new dish or try some DIY!

Give to Others.

Our actions and thoughts have the biggest impact on our mental well being, from small acts of kindness such as a simple smile or a thank you, to the grander gestures such as volunteering for a good cause. It gives us a chance to build our social network by supporting others in working towards a shared goal, which can stimulate the reward areas of our brain.

Be Mindful.

It is easy to run through life without stopping to notice exactly what is going on around us, so this is all about being directly aware of what is going on not only around us, but also inside us from moment to moment. It's about reconnecting with our body and the sensations we experience, our thoughts, feelings, body and the world, by using our senses in the present. We become aware of our thoughts and feelings, taking less things for granted and enjoying life more. It also allows us to take notice of negative events occurring, allowing us to look after our mental well being more closely. To be mindful, it's about taking notice of the everyday, so you need to keep it regular and practice! It's about taking notice of your thoughts, naming them and dealing with them, working out exactly what is going on in that moment.