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Join our St. George's Day Live celebration, online.

We're inviting all our members (young people and adults), their families and friends from across the UK to join in our Youth Shaped Team led St. George's Day Celebration, live!

Saturday 25th April, at 2.30pm,
watch the recording via this link.

(Click “Watch on the web” and then “Join anonymously”)


Our Founder Robert Baden-Powell often referred to the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian Legend, and to St George who was their Patron Saint.

He said: "He is also the Patron Saint of Scouts everywhere. Therefore all Scouts should know his story. St George was typical of what a Scout should be.

When he was faced by a difficulty or danger, however great it appeared, even in the shape of a dragon - he did not avoid it or fear it but went at it with all the power he could... That is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty or danger no matter how great or how terrifying it may appear. They should go at it boldly and confidently, using every power that they can to try and overcome it, and the probability is that they will succeed."

Our Youth Shaped team are leading this special celebration, during which there will the chance to get involved from home, renew our promises, and hear from some of our young people. We’re also delighted that Tim Kidd, our UK Chief Commissioner, will be joining us.

If you can, it would be great if you could have the following items to hand, so you can take part in a live activity...

You will need:

  • a wipe clean surface (table, plastic cloth, tray, plate)
  • bubble mixture in a tall beaker,
  • a paper straw,
  • a water spray bottle.