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Katia awarded Silver Cross in recognition of incredible courage.

Katia, from the 12th Crosby Scouts, has been awarded the Silver Cross by The Scouts.

The award from the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, has been made in recognition of Katia's conduct involving a high degree of courage, endurance, initiative and devotion to duty - when Katia's father was attacked and stabbed whilst they were out shopping together, earlier this year.

Katia is pictured receiving her award from Alex Sharp; our Assistant County Commissioner for Scouts.

Whilst Katia's father, Mike, was shopping, he felt a sharp pain in his thigh - and had been stabbed by an attacker. Mike managed to begin to defend himself and Katia, who was across the aisle, without any thought for her own safety, dashed across and lurched at her father’s attacker - pushing him away from her father and into the shelving unit behind. This brave act by Katia unsettled the attacker who stumbled and looked to make his escape. The attacker then ran off further into the store where he tried attacking a member of staff. Fortunately this staff member was able to restrain the attacker until the arrival of the Police who then arrested him.

As the attacker ran away, Katia comforted her father, and helped tend to his potentially life threatening wound.

Mike was treated at hospital, later discharged and has been making a steady recovery

Katia's courage is a true inspiration to others and we're all incredibly proud.

Congratulations, Katia.