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Looking for help with exploring more adventure within our programmes?

Since taking on the role of Assistant County Commissioner for Activities back in September I have made it my aim to enable more young people to take part in Adventurous Activities, the very reason that many of our young people join our movement.

Of course, I personally can’t make this happen on my own, so where should we start?

There are many reasons why from time to time we are unable to offer some of the more adventurous activities within Scouting - lack of qualifications, lack of understanding of the opportunities or restrictions, lack of opportunities, cost of training courses, no one with the right permit, don’t know how to get a permit, or maybe we aren’t aware of the range of activities available.

On our new County Website, under the heading Adventure, you will find activities and links to as much information as you are likely to need to understand the requirement for all activities. Hopefully this should make it easier for adull volunteers to find the information they need.

Recently we (Merseyside Scouts) have set up an on-line permit application process. This is aimed at simplifying the process. Just fill in the online form, you will be asked to forward a copy of your qualification (if appropriate) and a log of your recent experience. Then the applicant will be paired up with the most appropriate assessor.

Remember if your Permit isn’t on Compass it isn’t valid.

One of the barriers our adult volunteers may have is the cost of attending some formal training in things like Mountain Leadership, which can cost around £400. The link below will take you to information on a bursary fund that offers a 50% (£200) contribution towards Mountain Leader course fees, to help train/assess leaders so they can lead outdoor activity programmes/courses/expeditions for young people in the future:

There are also grants available for training to support Adventurous Activities via the Scouts website that may be applicable for some of our volunteers: 

As no doubt you will all be aware, Tawd Vale Adventure Centre is currently undergoing some significant changes under the stewardship of Pete Richardson (Centre Manager) and his team, not least of which is the activity provision, with improved activities and some new ones in the pipeline in time for the upcoming camping season. I’m sure you will be hearing more of this from Pete in the near future.

If you have any questions about activities or need help to understand the requirements or processes, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

John Cadman, Assistant County Commissioner for Activities