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North West Region Scouts Virtual ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt Liverpool 2020

Good News, although the Scavenger Hunt can’t take it’s usual form this year, as we promised, this coming Sunday 3rd May we will be holding a Virtual Scavenger Hunt so as not to disappoint the many Teams from Merseyside and the North West who had entered.

We are also making this open to anyone who would like to take part, and you can do so either as individuals or as family groups or in any way that you wish. Please encourage your young people and their families to have a go.

The virtual Scavenger Hunt will be hosted by “Kahoot” and we hope many of you will give it your best shot. Don’t worry if you are busy on Sunday, you can take part anytime between the 3rd and the 10th May

A massive thank you to the many teams who, having paid their entry fee declined a refund in favour of donating it to ShelterBox. This means that so far this year we have already raise in excess of £1,000 from the NW Region Scouts for this worthy cause.

Keep a lookout for details on how to join the Scavenger Hunt on our Facebook page North West Region Scouts ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt.

Good luck and I hope to see you all there taking part.