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Prioritising support for Mental Health Awareness across Merseyside.

In an age when it is estimated that one in ten young people experience a mental health issue at any one time, and record numbers of young people are struggling due to factors such as social media, bullying, and academic pressures - we believe that Scouts has a place in giving young people and adults skills for life; and in supporting young people and adults to access further support.

Over the course of this weekend 15 adult volunteers from across Merseyside came together to each achieve their Mental Health First Aid certificate. 

As part of our Scouts experiences it is important for us to provide young people with opportunities to develop positive self-esteem, values, resilience, as well as feeling comfortable about their feelings. As part of this, we are committed to supporting our members with developing good mental health and wellbeing. The sessions undertaken involved teaching us the skills and confidence to spot the signs of mental health issues and how to offer guidance to others on how to access the right provisions.

Together the group makes up a team of Mental Health Awareness Coordinators, with the aim of sharing best practise of mental health support and developing our links with mental health organisations in our local communities.

What struck me most about the weekend was the passion and honesty of all the participants to work together to achieve amazing things for our young people. Each member of the group brought something unique and yet came with the same collective aim of making sure Scouting was an organisation where members felt safe, supported, and a place for young people to learn to cope with the normal stresses of life so that they can productively contribute to their community.

As the group moves forward we want to look at how we can better equip our members with the knowledge of signs to look out for and guidance to signpost to the correct places. As well as this, we want to look at how we can make successful use of our life changing skills for life programme to give confidence and enjoyment of solitude alongside working within our teams.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our training partner, ADHD Foundation, for delivering an engaging weekend of sessions for the course, and guiding our thinking around supporting mental health of our young people.

Below is the list of those who attended the Mental Health First Aid course, and which Districts they operate in. If you would like to be connected with one of the team and do not already have their contact details, please get in touch with the County Office and we will connect you.

Altside Dave Winrow
Bebington Contact County-wide or District Commissioner
Birkenhead Contact County-wide or District Commissioner
Crosby Rob Gorst
Formby Jess Makin
Liverpool North Ste James
Liverpool South Hannah Withey
Southport Bethan Kiernan and Stella Chisnell
St. Helens Beth Ackers
Wallasey Andrew Pickersgill
West Wirral Contact County-wide or District Commissioner

Les Shaw
Mandy McCarthy
Kev Brown
Michael Hussey
Peter Oliver