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Ryan, a Cub Scout from Crosby, has been putting a smile on the faces of countless numbers of key workers.

What all started with Ryan, a Cub Scout from Crosby, wanting to paint a rainbow to put in a window at his home; ended up with Ryan and his brother, Connor, cheering up countless number of key workers - putting a smile on their face during this really difficult time.

Ryan's Mum, Jenny, tells their story:

"At the start of the current restrictions, Ryan and his brother Connor wanted to paint rainbows to put up in our window. After they had finished their rainbows, Ryan asked if he could make some cards for some of my Mum’s friends and her elderly neighbour, who were all self isolating. He wanted to do something to cheer them up a bit. Ryan and Connor made 4 cards.

The next day, Ryan decided that he wanted to make my Mum a badge that she could wear on her uniform. My Mum is a key worker as she works in a supermarket. After he made my Mum’s badge, he said that he wanted to make a few more so that she could give them to her friends at work, to let them know they are appreciated. 

My Mum took the badges to work and her colleagues all loved them. So much so, that people were sad that they didn’t have one! One of the lady’s bought a pack of card and colouring pencils and asked my Mum to pass them onto the boys so they could make some more. So they did.

Over the next few weeks they made more cards, rainbows and badges. Cards and rainbows have been sent to family members, neighbours, friends and key workers. Even a Nurse, who was shopping, asked about the badge, so my Mum gave her one. She was so delighted, she came back a few days later with a little note to say thanks.

Ryan and Connor have received cards, notes, sweets, bubbles and even money from the people they have made things for - everyone seems to have been delighted to have received something. Mum says they feel like the forgotten key workers and receiving a badge has given them a real boost. One lady places her rainbow card on her till everyday."

Well done Ryan and Connor - and thank you for everything you're doing.