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Sacha, a 13 year old Scout from the 55th Southport Scout Group has been selected as a finalist in the Echo Awards 2019.

Sacha started Scouts as a Beaver Scout at the 23rd Southport and has enjoyed taking part in many different programme activities; achieving her Chief Scout Bronze and Silver Awards; and is now working towards her Chief Scout Gold Award.

Sacha's life has been a roller coaster. Sacha was the big sister of twin brothers Joseph and Aaron, born at just 26 weeks, when tragically just days later, Aaron passed away. Joseph had a battle ahead of him and required 24/7 care, but sadly after 2 years Joseph became very unwell and lost his battle. 

No sooner did Joseph pass away, Sacha's younger brother Stephen became very poorly. Stephen started having seizures and, over time, Stephen lost his independence. Stephen was diagnosed with a brain tumour and in August 2014 had major brain surgery to remove the tumour. At this time Sacha was staying at Alder Hey hospital traveling back and forth to Southport every day to go to school. Following his surgery, Stephen had to relearn everyday activities, including how to talk, walk and eat. Stephen has worked hard to re-develop is independence, with the support of Sacha and his family. Stephen enjoys life he is also now a Scout at the 55th Southport Scout Group.

At the age of 9, Sacha attended the Echo Awards where her brother Stephen won the courage award. Sacha was inspired by the many stories of bravery and courage and decided that for her personal challenge in Cub Scouts, she was going to do some fund raising. Sacha setup her 'Shining Stars Easter Appeal' and raised £1300 collecting 650 Easter eggs, 5 bin bags of toys and 220 T-shirts for Zoe's place and Claire House, who have helped provide respite for her brother Joseph. 

Not stopping there; Sacha then:

  • collected 30 pairs of pyjamas for the Tesco Christmas Appeal for children who don't normally receive gifts at Christmas;
  • worked with members of the Southport District Team to organise a leaders vs parents dragon boat race fundraiser, raising £203 in support of Queen's Court Hospice;
  • collected over 50 bin bags full of clothing and toiletries for those who were impacted by the Grenfell Tower disaster - and drove with her Dad to deliver them;
  • organised tours of her Granny's Halloween House, raising £173 for Zoe's Place Baby Hospice;
  • organised an Easter egg raffle in school, raising over £130 for Queen's Court Hospice; and bought prizes out of her own money;
  • took part in last years Whitechapel Centre fundraising sleep out, and raised £50 to support work to address homelessness;
  • as well as taking part in a whole range of other fundraising activities within the Scout Group.

Sacha's Mum, Kim, said: "Scouting has given Sacha the support she needed when times where hard. She has made friends, worked as a team and had some amazing opportunities during her time in Scouting. The Scouts has given Sacha the confidence she needed to go out and work with people in the community and do some amazing things for others."

We agree! A massive well done Sacha - you're an inspiration. Thank you. Good luck at the Echo Awards 2019 - it's a massive achievement to be a finalist.