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Strengthening our provision in the north of Sefton; welcome Sefton North District.

The 1st January saw the official launch of Sefton North District; and the beginnings of our plans to strengthen our provision in the north of Sefton. 

We see great opportunity to develop Scouting in the Formby and Southport areas of the County and, last year, we took a decision to bring together what were two separate Districts within our structure in to a single District.

We can:

  • build stronger Leadership and Support teams, by bringing together a larger group of people who are responsible for managing our provision and supporting Section Leadership Teams in delivering our programmes to our young people;
  • make a wider range of events and activities available to a larger number of young people;
  • focus our efforts and gain maximum benefit across a larger number of members.

But the bottom line is:

  • We believe the combining of Formby and Southport will help us to strengthen Scouts across the north of Sefton;
  • Members of the new District will be better supported, there will be a wider range of opportunities for young people to take part in, and we’ll have greater success in offering skills for life to more young people.

The geographical locations of current Groups and Units have a ‘natural fit’ within a revised boundary along the coastline of the north of Sefton.

We'd like to thank everyone for embracing this change with such enthusiasm. We look forward to working together over the coming years, to deliver skills for life to even more young people - across even more communities.

> Visit the Sefton North District website to find out more.