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Summer Scout Fest 2020: Challenge 3! Community Support

Challenge 3:
Community Support

Over the next two weeks, you can contribute towards your local communities through the various activities. 

Think about what your community needs, whether you have seen posters from food banks requesting extra supplies or popular walking routes/beaches needing to be cleaned, a small change can make a big difference. These activities can be great fun with the family in and out of the home. 

  • Take part in a beach clean-up with your family, and see how many bin bags you can fill. 
  • Support your local food bank, learn the items they desperately need and drop off these products either at your local supermarket drop-off or the local foodbank. 
  • Become a walk and talk ambassador in your community, connect with friends virtually and help other people, expressing your own views and listening to others. Find out how 
  • Get creative and make some poo bag dispensers for your local parks and popular walking routes to encourage owners to keep our communities clean. Find out how 
  • Create and share a community wellbeing map with your friends and family. Show areas you feel safe and comfortable, and other areas where you can get help for your personal wellbeing. Find out more 
  • Try your hand at First Aid and follow the videos to refresh or learn new skills. You can also complete the worksheets to go towards your First Aid staged badges. Find out more  

Prizes will be presented to the three categories - Under 10’s, 10 and overs, and 18 and overs. 

Share with us your contribution(s) to the community via social media using #MerseysideCommunity.