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Survival skills, pioneering, leadership and teamwork.

Scouts from across Merseyside came together yesterday to take part in the County Lord Derby event at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre. 

The competition test Scouts’ teamwork and scouting skills in a number of different ways. Some of the bases involved survival skills, tent pitching and pioneering. Teams were tested on their communication, leadership, teamwork and completion of the base. The bases enabled the scouts to take away knowledge and Skills For Life, for not only their journey in Scouts but in their daily lives as well. Being a part of a team who works well together is so important and this is what this competition’s main focus is.

Despite the wind and rain, the scouts were all in high spirits and ready for the day of challenge ahead of them. They completed 6 bases in total with a little break for lunch.

A massive congratulations to Southport who have two teams representing Merseyside when they go through to regional.

Thank you to everyone who organised the day and put on bases, it was brilliant to see the county come together for this event.


Blog by Laura Monahan.