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The Gift of Growth!

Growth is a gift, the gift we are giving is an opportunity. That’s why growth is so important to us as a County, it’s not just about numbers on an annual census, it is all about creating new opportunities for young people and adults to have fun, adventure and gain those all-important skills for life!

The 4th Crosby (St William of York) was a Group with declining numbers when Group Scout Leader, Catherine Ashcroft, made a request to the County Growth Project for some help. After working together to develop a plan, publicity was distributed around the local area, school assemblies and open nights held, the group was relaunched. 2018 census showed the numbers of young people in the group increased from 15 in 2017 to 45 in 2018, an increase of 300%. Providing more young people with an opportunity to enjoy Scouting. But beyond this, the group has a new vigour and confidence, taking an active part in events such as the Million Hands campaign around Community Impact, adopting a stretch of local canal, cleaning it and renovating the towpath, making it a place for all to enjoy.   They were recognised for this amazing work at the County Celebration and AGM, winning a Scouting4All award.

The 4th Crosby has a new buzz about them, a spring in their step which isn’t just about growing, its more about knowing that they make a real difference to the lives of even more young people and adults than ever before.

Written by Paul Coleman

Paul is our Growth and Development Officer, who has helped contribute to some of the most successful growth projects we've seen.