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The Whitechapel Centre and Liverpool Cathedral Sleepover is back; and last year was a great experience for young people.

In May 2019 the 25th Allerton Beaver Scouts took part in the Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout to raise money for the Whitechapel Centre, the leading homeless and housing charity in the Liverpool region.

Recent UK statistics show around 28,000 people are unfortunate enough to sleep rough in twelve months. In Liverpool there are organisations assisting and the Whitechapel Centre works every hour to support people to acquire warm and dry sleeping accommodation and to direct them to new accommodation or return to families. 

Being in a homeless situation could happen to any of us at any time. When 25th Allerton Beaver Scouts entered Liverpool Cathedral, last May, the Great Space, they experienced sleeping overnight on the floor, surrounded by cardboard boxes, an environment not too unlike what homeless people have to experience, only we were not out in all weathers, being frequently moved or verbally and physically abused. Our experience was with family and friends, with entertainment, den building competitions, craft activities. We awoke to the sunshine reflections on the inner cathedral walls. We made new friends and voted the experience just awesome!

But amongst the fun of the sleepover we also worked hard to get sponsors to raise money for these important charities. We wanted to make a difference. We gave out sponsor forms and invited donations online through our online page. Family and friends sponsored the children to see if they could sleepover for 12 hours. We raised over £1,000. 

We look forward to doing similar at the next Liverpool Cathedral Sleepover on Friday 24th April and joining other groups too. We are collecting cardboard in advance for dens and we are organising our big targets for sponsorship. Attending the event will tick some badge boxes but more importantly we can help the homeless by donating money. The homeless statistics are constantly rising.

We have added sessions from our Homelessness Education and Awareness pack to our Beaver programme.

Please support by donating to the Whitechapel Centre and Liverpool cathedral via the uniformed organisations involved.

> Click here for more information about the 2020 Sleepover event and to download your copy of our resource pack.