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'Wear Their Necker' Youth Shaped Success.

One of our Young Leaders at 12th Wallasey, Emily, has been engaged in ‘Wear Their Necker’, and wearing their Group Scout Leader's Necker, since 2016; with great success.

Andrew Pickersgill, Group Scout Leader, tells their story:

"The Group canvassed all of our Explorer Scout Leaders and young members to establish whether any of them would wish to take part, when ‘Wear Their Necker’ was first introduced. Emily was the only volunteer at the time, and whilst the concept was for this to be for a short period of time, Emily has not relinquished my Necker since. 

Emily has been a true asset, and I would be reluctant to even consider asking for my Necker back, as she has worked alongside me in a variety of ways. Emily also has a permanent place on our Group Executive Committee, is actively involved in all of the Scout Section Leader meetings; and brings a truly fresh approach and perspective to all of the Group’s and Scout Section decision making.

As a respected peer amongst all of our Young Leaders, Emily is also well placed to ensure everybody’s voice is heard when it comes to the management of the Group and Sections overall. The pace of Emily’s activities has very much been led by her, and her enthusiasm to actively engage and take part has seen her expanding her experience, as she has recently begun to learn and contribute to various elements relating to Group and Section administration. 

Emily is a truly positive role model to her peers, all of our young members, and to the adult members within my Group, and has been an asset the whole time she has been involved in wearing my Necker. Her willingness to engage in the GSL role has allowed Emily to make sure we are listening to the voices of our young people, as well as acting on their ideas and suggestions, and my overall hope is that this experience has empowered her to develop a host of new skills, as well as fuelled her confidence with all she has achieved."

Here’s what Emily has to say about her experience whilst wearing my Necker:

"Throughout my time wearing Andy’s Necker, as Group Scout Leader, I have learnt a lot about the role and how much work goes on behind the scenes in order for the activities and weekly section meetings to go ahead.

I have really enjoyed attending both the section leader meetings and the group executive meetings as I believe I have been able to speak for the young members in the group and make sure the activities that are being planned are things that they will enjoy and benefit from. I also believe it is very rewarding to see ideas and plans turn into activities that the young members have fun taking part in.

In the future I hope to learn more about group management and what has to happen other than just planning in order for the group to run as it does."

Well done to Emily and to Andrew for embracing this and turning it in to a great success. The Group are looking forward to hearing more suggestions from Emily on how they can continue to improve things, especially with maximising the use of digital tools.