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Help us place Tawd Vale at the centre of how we deliver our adventure. We're recruiting a Centre Manager.

Vacancy Pack: Download the Vacancy Information Pack here 

Closing Date for Applications: 12th October 2018, 17.00

We are very fortunate that we have an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers and supporters who manage and operate Tawd Vale on behalf of Merseyside Scouts - particularly as the site has been run entirely by volunteers now for nearly 10 years. Over that time; our team have transformed the commercial viability; they have led us through significant and often unseen capital projects such as replacing electrical and water infrastructure across the site, they’ve developed new activity provision, maintained and enhanced facilities, ensured our commercial partner (High Adventure) receive the level of service they expect, they have ensured the site has been operational and able to support many events - large and small - and so much more.

As part of our Skills for Life strategy  we are working on increasing support for Adventure; with one of our goals being to ‘place Tawd Vale as a focus for adventure on Merseyside; and achieve step-change development of the provision at the site’.

Following significant consultation and consideration, and with the support of the current volunteer team at Tawd Vale; we are launching the recruitment of a Centre Manager, as a paid member of staff.

The Centre Manager will take on management responsibility for the site; however will work very closely with the existing volunteer and supporter team, and the Tawd Vale Steering Group, to collaboratively achieve step-change in provision at the site. We won’t be able to achieve what we plan to achieve without the continued support of everyone who supports Tawd Vale, today, and we thank our team for the support they have shown for this decision.

Please click the link below to download the Vacancy Information Pack; which contains full details. 

It’s an exciting time for how we make the best use of 'Tawd Vale Camp Site and Activity Centre’ to support how we deliver skills for life to our young people.

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