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Would you like our 'North America In A Bag' programme resource for your Section?

Our World Scout Jamboree Units are delighted to invite all of our Section Leaders to contact Unit Members from their District, if they would like to receive a 'North America In A Bag' programme resource to use with their Section.

We have two of these bags of resources that will be making their way around the County together, and their travel plans can be found in the table below.

Plus, there's an added bonus! If you make use of one of the bags for your Section;  we'll be making online digital recourses available to your Section in case you would wish to run further sessions in the future.

There is no obligation, but it would be great if you could also let your members know that Unit badges will be available for sale on the programme nights should they wish to buy them and that these are allowed to be worn on their uniforms. 

West Wirral

18th Feb – 1st Mar


4th Mar – 15nd Mar


18th Mar – 29th March


1st April – 12th April

Liverpool South

15th April – 26th April

St Helens

29th April – 10th May

Liverpool North

13th May – 24th May


27th May – 7th June


10th June – 21st June


24th June – 4th July


8th July – 19th July


Please get in touch with Unit Members from your District to sign up to make use of the resources.

If you don't know who your Unit Members are, you can contact the team by email.