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Would you like to raise awareness of homelessness and help those who need support?

The most common reasons people give for losing their accommodation is that a friend or relatives are no longer able to provide support or because of relationship breakdown. However, there are often a wide number of factors at play. Individuals can arrive at the point of homelessness after a long chain of other life events. 

Not having a home can make it harder for individuals to find a job, stay healthy and maintain relationships. 

We're working with other youth organisations and The Whitechapel Centre to raise awareness of homelessness and to raise funds to help those who need support.

Liverpool Cathedral Sleepover 2020

Sign-up now for the special Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout for Youth Organisations, taking place on Friday 24th April 2020.

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Education and Awareness Activity Pack

To help you get ready for the event, we have prepared an Education and Awareness Pack, with great ideas to help develop an understanding of homelessness amongst young people.

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About The Whitechapel Centre

The Whitechapel Centre is the leading homeless and housing charity for the Liverpool region. They work with people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels or struggling to manage their accommodation, and are committed to helping people find and maintain a home and learn the life skills essential for independent living.

The way is always open at The Whitechapel Centre for homeless people who need some help to pick up their lives and move on.

They see a path that runs all the way from rough sleeping and street living to accommodation, independent living and employment, offering routes out of homelessness back into the community. They believe there are practical things we can do to address the factors that can lead to homelessness.

Their work is divided into key areas which often overlap. Everyone’s journey through homelessness is different, but may come into contact with any, or all, of their services.