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You Shape Month is here!

This is the first #WeShapeMerseyside YouShape month and we are so excited to celebrate with you over the next 4 weeks!

You Shape month is a perfect opportunity to remind our Young People of the importance of having their voices heard and their ability to make decisions that have a real impact. We, together, have the chance to empower the next generation and allow them to embrace their interests and passions. We are teaching #SkillsForLife and You Shape is such a big part of that right across Merseyside

The hashtag #WeShapeMerseyside is a way of us celebrating your successes with you. Whether you are holding a log chew, a pack or troop forum, having a sixer run a game, engaging Young Leaders in programme planning or have allowed your section to plan and run their own badge... we want to hear about it! No success is too small so share your stories or photos using the hashtag #WeShapeMerseyside on social media.

We are thrilled that so many of you have reached out to us to nominate individuals, groups or sections as You Shape Champions. As Youth Commissioners we are so proud of the Youth Shaped programmes happening within your groups. We are still open to more nominations throughout February and would love to hear from you.

Again, our huge thanks go to all the volunteers who are empowering our young people to have their voices heard every night of the week.