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You Shape Stories: Alex

In this series of blogs, we will be sharing You Shape stories from around Merseyside. Next up, Alex from St Helens.

I’m Alex, a young leader from 18th Haydock in St Helens, mainly in the Cubs section. The young leader training scheme is positively impacting me personally as a young leader. I have found it is really boosting my confidence. My shy side is slowly starting to fade away as I now understand my role a lot more than previously, which I am really glad about because I now feel comfortable running activities and games for the young people, knowing I am doing it safely whilst also making it enjoyable for them at the same time. Without the training I’ve received so far, I would not of felt comfortable doing that at all. I have really noticed myself how much the modules are helping me become a better young leader.

It also really helps your communication skills as you enter the session with a dozen other young leaders from different districts that you have never met before and will probably never see again, however are given the opportunity to discuss different ways to approach and run things which gives you ideas on how you can change the way you do things to make it better for the young people and even yourself. YouShape really does make you realise that we if we want to do something we have to use our voices because we shape the movement, being the young leaders of today, so the confidence boost is really beneficial to not just me, but young leaders all over the country.

My most recent achievement is teaching multiple cubs how to tie their shoelaces, including the one who always wants to play games and not do activities! Which I would definitely of deemed impossible a few months ago, before the training modules! It’s only a simple thing however it does give you a buzz and fill you with pride when you know you’ve helped a young person learn a life skill and you know you're doing it correctly.

I am really lucky to be able to participate in the training Modules and I definitely recommend everyone attending them if possible because it is worth it. It really brings you out of your shell and cheers you up whenever you know your helping someone do something they will take with them as they grow and move along.

I am looking forward to the rest of the training modules so I can progress even further, run more beneficial activities independently and become a young leader that the cubs look up to and hopefully want to carry on to become one when they are old enough.