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You Shape Stories: Lillie

In this series of blogs, we will be sharing You Shape stories from around Merseyside. Next up, Lillie from Birkenhead.

Explorers is a once a week commitment for me, which anyone aged 14-18 can do. It a safe fun exciting environment where we can do activities and socialise as well as learning fun skills for life.  At explorers, you make a scouting family which hopefully I will continue to love until an older age… And move onto other scouting groups within the district, including Network Post 18. Scouting also gives you many abroad opportunities, as well as travelling around the UK either for camps or fun days out. I was lucky enough to take part in the Explorer Belt Expedition Last Year.

I have been involved in explorers for the last few years and have been getting more involved with the ‘running’ of Explorers recently. I’ve taken a more active role with the leadership team and have been planning and running activities most weeks… This has meant that I can take responsibility running sessions, planning nights, and the general day to day life in Explorers. I’ve been helping the Adult Leadership Team plan activities and get the explorers into their watches and getting them sorted for each unit night. 

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