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You Shape Stories: Rainbow

In this series of blogs, we will be sharing You Shape stories from around Merseyside. Next up, Rainbow from Liverpool North.


I’m Rainbow, an Explorer Scout from Liverpool North. Being a part of the You Shape team has given me the opportunity to personalise and influence my scouting experience. From the planning of badges to the responsibility of organising camps, being able to shape what I do within Scouts has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling. The You Shape month has allowed more young people to get involved and to engage more with their scouting programs.

It has been really amazing as a young leader to take on the responsibility of organising badges for Beaver Scouts. I recently got the opportunity to run the experiments badge with a Beaver section. This required me to plan beforehand to make sure it was safe and to work out how to incorporate the different badge requirements into fun and exciting activities. It was such a rewarding experience to see the Beavers engaging with making their own slime and playing with baking-soda volcanoes. As well as this, planning passport camps as an Explorer has also given me a lot of opportunities to influence what I do as a scout. For the recent Unwind Camp, a number of us from our Explorer Unit decided to camp on a passport by ourselves instead of the usual group camp with our leaders. This meant we had to plan almost every aspect of the camp, from organising the kit we needed to getting ourselves up in the morning. Wandering around ASDA food shopping the day before the camp and the devastating realisation that none of us could cook a simple meal of pancakes really showed to us the different aspects needed to organise something like a group camp. It was a fantastic and enjoyable experience which gave us the opportunity to become a lot more independent.

It doesn’t always need to be something big like planning a camp; encouraging you shape scouting can be something as small as asking young people what badges they would like to do in the future. Allowing the Beaver Scouts to influence and pick what badge they’d like to complete is something I definitely want to continue as a young leader. Not only does something like that get them more engaged but it also introduces to them what different things are on offer to them within scouting.

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