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Week Five TY2TT: Outdoor activities for Scouts and Explorers

Welcome to week five of our Taking You to The Top challenge. This is a programme to help with scouting at home and continuing to work towards your top awards. 

Week 5 - Outdoor (This will link to Outdoor Challenge Awards & Skills element of Chief Scout Platinum & Diamond)

Main Activity

Choose 1, this can be done across all sections tailored to suit age range.

Relight My Fire!

Hold a campfire with family, make s’mores, jam butty fritters, teach one other person a campfire song

Get Out of Bed!

Camp overnight in somewhere other than your bed! - tent, hammock, shelter, bivy, den - indoors or outdoors

Knot So Simple!

Complete a pioneering project - this can be big/small, a gadget, a knot display, be as creative as you like


Ban the bed! - How many nights can you do? Set up tent or make a den in an usual place and see how many nights you can do. Under the supervision of your parent or carer.

Supermarket sweep - Create a menu for a weekend camp and make a shopping list for a weekend camp

Ready steady Cook - Cook something on fire with your parents on stick, in billy can and in the embers

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Family fun - Sing songs around the fire with your family

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It’s a knot-out - Tie six simple knots


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Feed or float - Make raft out using recyclable items and test it to see if it floats OR can you make an edible raft?

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Mappleships - Use your map skills to find your opponent’s features before they get yours.

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Mud, glorious mud - Clean your walking boots until they gleam, then waterproof them so they’re ready for your next adventure. 

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Six-figure bingo - Map-read with speed as you search for symbols and landmarks with grid references to fill out your bingo card. 

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