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Week Four TY2TT: Activities for Scouts and Explorers

Welcome to week four of our Taking You to The Top challenge. This is a programme to help with scouting at home and continuing to work towards your top awards. 

Week 3 - Adventure (This will link to Adventure Challenge Awards & Adventure element of Chief Scout Platinum & Diamond)

Main Activity

Choose 1, this can be done across all sections tailored to suit age range.

Night Line: Go outside on a short walk with family, take turns for one member to be blindfolded, others will have to direct them. 

Hover crafting: Try making a hovercraft something airborne with this thrilling adventure.

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Stargazing / Space travel: Go outside in the dark and see what you can see, using Night Sky App (free). Making astronomy accessible to the smallest astronomers, Night Sky app answers all kinds of questions one may have about what’s up in that big sky of ours. It also uses geo-tracking to show you all about the stars right above your head.

Guess the constellations

How to build stomp rocket launcher


DIVOC hike: Why not challenge yourself to hike one of highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest which is 8,848 meters high, (each of your steps is 20cm, which means every 5 steps you’ll climb 1 meter). To complete this challenge, you need to walk 44,240 steps over during in this week, which works out at 6320 per day.

Raft building

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More information (Find Me, Follow You)

More information (Tracking Down Dinner)

Local History Walk: Go on a walk (as part of your daily exercise) to explore your local area.

More information (Street Orienteering)

More information (Photo Mapping)

Have everything you need for your bag?

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Fire From Ice: An unusual way to make a fire more information can be found in the Scouts Outdoor and Adventure Manual, online and at the following website.

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Penny Stove: A simple to make cooking stove that can easily make a hot drink.

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Find King Alfred’s Cake: Find out about and try and find King Alfred’s cake - a fungus that grows on dead wood (especially ash) that is a natural firelighter.