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Week One TY2TT: Skills activities for Scouts and Explorers

Your body and mind are the most precious instruments you'll ever own. Get the cogs whirring and move your feet! It's time to develop some new skills.

This week we are working towards our top award with the focus of Skill. 

Skills Challenge Awards & Skills element of Chief Scout Platinum & Diamond

Main Activity 

 Choose 1, this can be done across all sections tailored to suit the age range

 Ready, Steady, Bake! Bake a cake, cupcakes or biscuits

 Feed the birds! Make a bird feeder, identify, photograph 5 different types of   birds  More Information 

 Sling Shot! Make a catapult, or trebuchet and video you used it
 More Information   


Week of Wicks - Complete a week’s worth of Joe Wicks fitness workouts video’s

he restaurant of home comfort – cook two dishes that you think of as ‘home comfort food’. It could be anything that makes them feel warm and comforted, or reminds them of home. Perhaps they could think about national dishes or family favourites.

This is a public health announcement - Test everyone’s knowledge of healthy lifestyle do’s and don’t’s, before putting together TV adverts to help the masses. More information  

Learn two household tasks – using the washing machine, iron several different items of clothing.

Necker Flip Challenge Video yourself completing the Necker Flip Challenge watch:

Burpee Challenge – Video yourself completing as many burpees as possible in 30 seconds! – who can do the most in your Unit?

£5 meal challenge; cook 1 meal for your family, the meal must not exceed £5 for the whole meal.

Learn a magic trick to amaze your family! - Some ideas here using simple household items

This information was put together from the team from Merseyside Scouts.

Record each completed activity and send it to your leader who will record this towards your Top Awards.