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Week Six TY2TT: World activities for Scouts and Explorers

Welcome to week six of our Taking You to The Top challenge. This is a programme to help with scouting at home and continuing to work towards your top awards. 

Week 6 - World (This will link to the World Challenge Awards & Skills element of Chief Scout Platinum & Diamond)

Main Activity

Choose 1, this can be done across all sections tailored to suit age range.

International Cuisine: Help cook a meal from a different country for your family

Community Impact: Make an effort to help in your community; check on local neighbours, delivering food, medicines, making cards for elderly, or help at a food bank

Environment: No planet B; learn about how we can reduce reuse and recycle our household waste, then create an eco brick

Ready, Steady, Recycle activity

Find out more about Ecobricks



Food print: Learn some simple ways to save food from ending up in the rubbish bin.

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Our Olympics Pair: some Olympic-level organisation with some great Games as we explore what goes into making this historic event. 

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Why is water important: See what WaterAid is doing in Madagascar, how local Scouts are helping, and why this work is so important.

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International health hazards: Inspect infections and highlight hazards as we take a look at some global threats to our health.

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What charities or services there are in your community and they help others?

Community Bingo

Really Rubbish Maps

Find out about another faith or culture, including a festival!

Interacting with faiths and cultures

Where am I?

Play the maracas!

Celebrate the festival of light

Make a diya, and learn about the festival of light. Can you separate Diwali fact from fiction?

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Tell about a time you did your best

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Strongest shelter challenge: Work as a team to build a shelter from the materials you have, to get an idea of what life can be like for refugees and displaced children.

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Community wellbeing map: Identify services near you that promote positive wellbeing or support young people experiencing mental health problems. 

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Inside the lines: find out how common mental health problems can stand in the way of young people from all walks of life. 

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Turkish delights: Discover the art of Ebru painting and have a go with your friends.

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Build a Shelter: from the materials you have and spend the night in it, to get an idea of what life can be like for refugees and displaced children.

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Take part in an online meeting with a Scout Group from another Country.

Run an International Music Quiz for your unit: find music from around the world and then create a quiz for the rest of the unit to guess which continent and country they are from.