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These resources are to help learners complete the various training modules in the Adult Training Scheme.

Getting started

    Personal Learning Plan (02)
    Essential Information (01)
    Essential Information for Executive Committee Members (01E)
    General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Training
    Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) (03)
    Tools for the role (Managers and Supporters) (04)

Training for All Appointments

    Delivering a Quality Programme (12A)
    The Fundamentals of Scouting (05)
    Scouting for all (07)
    Administration (11)
    First Aid (10)
    Changes in Scouting (06)

Section Leader Training

    Programme Planning (12B)
    Running Safe Activities (17)
    Practical Skills (18)
    An Introduction to Residential Experiences (16)
    International (19)
    Supporting Young People (14)
    Promoting Positive Behaviour (15)
    Growing the section (13)
    Working with Adults (09)
    Skills of Leadership (08)

Managers and Supporters Training
View all learning opportunities for Managers and Supporters Training, or visit the individual areas below.

    Managing Time and Personal Skills
    Providing Direction
    Using Resources
    Working With People
    Enabling Change
    Achieving Results
    Safety for Managers and Supporters

Supplementary Modules

    Assessing Learning (25)
    Instructing Practical Skills (27)
    Facilitating (28)
    Presenting (29)
    Supporting Local Learning (30)
    Planning a Learning Experience (31)
    Delivering a Learning Experience (32)
    Planning a Learning Provision (33)
    Managing a Learning Provision (34)
    Additional Needs (36)
    Advising on Adult Appointments (37)
    Skills for Residential Experience (38)
    Mentoring and Coaching (39)