Events > Feast of the Lanterns

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th October 2020
at Tawd Vale

Camp, Create and Enlighten at our unique camp to welcome in the darker nights 

We welcome competitors and non-competitors to join us at our 
Outdoor pop-up art gallery.
Across the years, many groups from across the country have had this camping experience with a difference.
Don’t forget taking part in the competition contributes to a variety of awards and badges from skills and teamwork, creative, nights away, camp craft and more.


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Non-camping competitors £4 pp
One-night competitors £5 pp
Weekend camping competitors £7pp
This includes event fee, badge and camp fees (if applicable)
Non-competitors normal rates apply

Not taken part in the Feast of the Lanterns before?

What do you need to know?

The Feast of the Lanterns is one of Tawd Vale’s longest running events. It is an opportunity for Cub Packs, Scout Troops and Explorer Scout Units to use their imagination and create an amazing display lit by ‘lanterns’.

It’s all in the planning…

Some teams will prepare parts of their display in advance and others will create everything on site on the day. Some teams dress up to be a part of their theme, others don’t. The important thing is the ideas should come from the team members and they should work together to decide how they will build it. Groups can have multiple entries into multiple categories, but each display square is 5m by 5m. If you are thinking of going high; this is fine but please let us know so we can plan safe clearance.

The Build
Teams work throughout the Saturday to build their display. They have an allocated space in our display area and all spaces are the same size. The judges will visit throughout the day talk to the young people about their ideas, how they came up with what they are creating and watch the build in action. 

Theme: Transport…

Each year there is a suggested theme, but competitors can choose not to follow the theme if they wish. It is designed to be broad so that the young people can be creative. Teams who choose not to follow the suggested theme may not score highly in this area, however they may score very well on any of the other criteria

Illuminating and Judging…

The choice of how to illuminate the display is up to you – traditional entries tend to use candles in jars, drinks cans with tea lights or tins with sawdust and paraffin; fantasia entries are any form of electric based lighting from battery operated lights to lights using a generator. It’s all about how your team decide to use the lighting. NB Don’t forget to complete your risk assessment and take any appropriate fire safety actions.

The competition categories;

  • Novice is for groups who have not entered in the last 5 years
  • Traditional can not include any electric lighting
  • Fantasia is electric style lighting but can include some traditional aspects
  • Explorers is any type of lighting but just for the explorer age range. However, if you have a young leader they can help the younger sections but any more than 3 and this may be taken into consideration by the judges

Displays are illuminated between 7pm and 9pm and the judges make their way around the various displays. The judges assess the displays based on the following criteria:






  • How much of the planning and build is youth led
  • Use of light
  • Use of creativity and imagination
  • Use of the allocated space
  • Use of the theme
  • Overall quality of the display

The Winners…

Winning teams are announced at our Scouts Own service on Sunday morning and are presented with an event trophy.

We invite you to tell your parents, group committee members or the community to come and join us and see the hard work put in. It is usually quite a spectacle.

Evening visitors for £1 pp, under 5’s free. Please arrive from 6pm.


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