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We don't just want to grow for the sake of it - we're investing in growth because we want every young people to have the opportunity to benefit from learning skills for life through our programme of everyday adventure.

There are a number of ways that we are currently supporting growth.

County-led Growth Project

Our Growth and Development Officer, Andrew Pickersgill, is working with our Section and Group Leadership Teams to strengthen small sections and open new provision where a community has no access to Scouting today.

If you are a member and would like some support; please get in touch with Andrew to discuss your ideas.

Accessing Support Available from The Scout Association

The Regional Services Team (RST) support the opening of new Scout groups and sections across England. To read more about what the RST could help with click here.

The National Regional Services Manager leads the RST and works with the RST Leadership Team, Chief Membership Officer, Membership Engagement Manager, Chief Commissioners for England, Regional Commissioners and other HQ teams to ensure the service is delivering to its objectives, and is supporting the growth of Scouting across England.

Area Growth and Development Managers work with Regional, County and District Commissioners and their teams to identify and support growth opportunities across their Regions. They lead all the HQ employed staff across their respective areas, and provide support for critical incidents.

Senior Growth and Development Officers lead almost all externally funded HQ employed development staff in their respective areas, and in turn report to the AGDM. SGDO's also support the project working groups supporting funded projects, and can support Counties or Districts in establishing development officer projects.

If you would like to request support from the Regional Services Team; click here to make a project request.

The Future of Growth Support

We are conscious that there are many areas of what we do that can have a positive or negative impact on our ability to grow. We are currently shaping a 'Growth Programme' rather than our historical approach of a ‘Growth Project’. The key difference here will be us looking broadly at which areas of our Leadership and Support can have an impact on Growth – and shape how we co-ordinate that work/input across teams to maximise impact.

In the meantime, over 200 people shared their views with us via our Growth Survey to help shape our thinking.

Download a copy of the survey report here.