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Planning is vital for any successful recruitment campaign.

Think about how you are going to reach your potential volunteers, what you want them to do and how you are going to support them. Set goals and deadlines that are realistic and achievable and monitor your progress as you go along. This will allow you to adapt and change to meet the needs of your sections and your potential volunteers.

When you have decided to launch a recruitment campaign, the most important thing to do is to get your plan right! Your recruitment plan should contain the following:

1. What you want your volunteers to do

Think about what you need for your group, district or county/Area and break it down into specific tasks. For example, do you need someone to look after your group’s equipment or leaders for a new section? Do you need someone to do the accounts or someone to help with the cooking at camp? Or do you simply need an extra pair of hands on the occasional Wednesday night?

2. Consideration of any local issues

Think about any specific features of your area, for example high unemployment or new housing developments. Think also about possible sources of support – there may be businesses, the local Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) or volunteers organisations, schools or even the local media (radio stations, newspapers, etc) that could help you out.

Have a look at the following factsheets for some advice and guidelines on addressing local issues:

Factsheet FS185030: Know Your Neighbours – getting to know organisations and people within the community 

Factsheet FS185019: Developing Scouting in Minority Ethnic Communities 

3. What you will do to attract people to Scouting

There may be events or activities that you could invite people to help out at (make sure that any resources you need are available). Think about how you will advertise any activity or event and spread the message that you need more volunteers.

4. How you will support new adults

Don’t forget to consider how you will support any new volunteers. They will need advice and guidance over the first few months and it is important that they are supported through the various stages of the appointment process.

Further advice and guidance

Take a look at these pages from the Regional Services Team for further advice.