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Merseyside's YouShape Support - an introduction from Kieran Murphy and Alex Clark, our Youth Commissioners.

Supporting young people to shape their Scouting is really important to us all. In support of this; to increase our involvement in being YouShaped in Team Merseyside, in the near future I plan to:

  • Promote and support groups and districts during youshape month in delivering an effective YouShape programme to their young people on a local level and continuing this support once YouShape month has passed.
  • Steer a YouShape Working Group which will be youth-led and will discuss and create actions for YouShape activities in Merseyside
  • Offering support and guidance to leaders on a local level in running a programme around YouShape activities such as section forums
  • Create a 'skills for life' setting in Team Merseyside where young people feel as if they are learning transferable skills within the scout hut
  • Retrieve the views of our young members to see how they would like the YouShape plans on Merseyside to be shaped and tailored to our county.

What does Youth Engagement look like in Merseyside?

We're very focused on ensuring that young people play an active role in shaping Scouting, in partnership with adults. Our approach to Youth Engagement is centred around ensuring that we:

  • Remain focused on the needs of young people
  • Gain relevant feedback
  • Involve young people in the planning of their section
  • Provide young people with the opportunity to experience leadership
  • Engage in and influence our communities
  • Involve young people in decision making processes
  • Provide opportunities for young people to enhance skills

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