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Volunteer Support > Section Volunteering Options

There are many roles that volunteers in Scouting can undertake, but what exactly are the options for those helping to run a section?

Information about the different adult volunteer roles within Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, Scout Troops and Explorer Scout Units is scattered across various parts of the Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) of the Scout Association, plus various supporting material.  It's not easy to get a firm grip of this without spending some time doing so - so we did it for you!

Our 'Section Volunteering Options' guide is a summary of information about features of membership type, elements of the role, related administration and training requirements.  It gives a simple and clear view of what a new volunteer (or even current volunteers) and their line manager should consider when taking on the role, e.g.:

  • You want to help out every so often and go to camp, but you can't commit to anything more: Occasional Helper with a DBS is for you.
  • You want to help out regularly, and wear a uniform if you want to, but can't commit to the full set of training: Section Assistant is for you.
  • You want to regularly contribute to running the section, complete the training and take the lead with young people, but you're not ready to be in charge: Assistant Section Leader is for you.
  • You want to lead from the front and organise your team to deliver a high quality balanced programme: Section Leader is for you.

You can download the guide here.